About pincponc


pincponc is an international project for design universities around the globe initiated and organised by the design studio mintgold. The intention of the project is to investigate the cultural, emotional and artistic differences between the countries and also within the groups. International academies work together as they work simultaneously on topics dealing with social and cultural self-perception in different countries. The students document and comment graphically their visions of the particular topic. We share the results at the end of every project in our web gallery. 

mintgold is working closely with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover, Germany supported by Prof. Walter Hellmann. We teach our classes in Germany and invite annualy international teachers and lecturers to join our projects.



Starting pincponc
Along with the growing role of technology in our lifes a lot of changes are taking place place in the field of graphic design - growing international cooperations, new trends going around the world and our communication taking place more and more through the virtual platforms and communities.

We asked ourselves: Are there cultural differences in the work of design students in the time of globalisation? Does such a thing like national design identity still exist?
2003 we started the international design project pincponc.

We invited students from different countries to work simoultaneuosly on the tasks dealing with cultural identities.

The results exceedes all our expectations. The students works show exciting aproaches from their very individual points of view: serious examinations, humorous solutions and a lot of fresh design ideas.

We are happy to present in the pincponc-gallery artwork from different continents and are looking forward to the projects ahead.


Raija Holm and Sasha Ediger