pincponc 03

"Wenn ich König von Deutschland wäre"

Entwicklung einer Corporate Identity für das eigene Land

Wenn ich König von Deutschland wäre, wie würde die Corporate Identity meines Landes aussehen? Pink statt Rot? Kupfer statt Gold? Wie möchtest Du Dein Land präsentieren?

If I were the king _ Tag your country

If I were the king, what would the Corporate Identity of my country look like?
How about pink instead of red? Or gold instead of white? In which way would
the students like to present their countries?
In this class they recreated the national symbols with a personal sense for esthetics and fresh ideas. By a chain of innovations a redesign with an independent statement has been developed. The country's emblem as a logo, the flag as creative surface --
an experiment with pictograms, fonts and abstract elements.