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Beneath the rising stars -- European cooperations
// Anita Kuit___EUROPA IN THE PICTURE. Every year a festival takes place in Scheveningen called ‘Film by the sea’. Various movies are presented there, new and old, of different European country’s. The festival attracts about 40.000 people from different cultures, from different country’s… >
At one place many people come together to see different sorts of movies, all made in a different culture. I thought this was a good example of a European co-operation. I have decided to use the text ‘Europe in the picture’ because Europe comes in a literal and a figurative way in the picture. Literally on the big screen and figurative because of the fact that Europe is ‘present’ on the festival, with a lot of cultures in one place. //
// Anne-Céline Donkersloot___GIVE AND RECIEVE EUROPE. A lot of European citizens think that Europe is unreachable and they feel a detachement to what Europe stands for, there isn’t a connection. However, the European Union is an organisation with a lot of authority, and it has an impact on our lives. Whatever the opinion of the Euro may be, the introduction of it has been without a doubt the most successful  joint venture of the European partners. We, as European citizens, are dealing with that consequence on a daily basis. Actually, Europe isn’t that far. Open your wallet and you will find not only Euro coins from your own country, but also from the other European partners. Ihave drawn the images from the different coins and cut them out of hands in order to illustrate the unnoticeable presence of Europe. //
// Guus Gijben___ESA/“SPACE INVADERS“. The ultimate description of collaboration and exploring limits/borders for me is the ESA (European Space Agency). Several countries work on one project with one goal – to understand our own planet and to discover and analyse the universe. >
I tried to show the collaboration of the different organisations that become one. And I think that is the strength of Europe that there are people and organisations that work together. We are here together so we need each other more than we think we do. //
// Guus Gijben___ESA/“SPACE INVADERS“.
// Esma Achkroune___WATER IN HISTORIC CITY CENTRES. For this assignment I’ve chosen the WIHCC-project. WIHCC stands for Water In Historic City Centres. This is a European cooperation project between 6 cities: Breda, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands), Mechelen, Gent (Belgium), Chester (UK) and Limerick (Ireland). All these historical cities want to give the water that runs through the city centres an important role (back). Each city is doing this from a different point of view like water management, tourism or ecology. All the knowledge that is acquired by this project is being shared with other interested cities from North-West-Europe on seminars. There are also some projects developed to inform other countries, like a web site and a travelling exposition. In my image I’ve connected the participating cities through the shape of the waters that runs through them. Because water is the binding element in this project. //
// David Paans___SARA BJØRKLUND AGENCY - AN INITIATIVE OF A MUSIC LOVER. Sara Bjørklund agency is a tour booking agency mainly focussing on the Northern and Central-Europe area (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy). The founder comes from the Netherlands and lives in Berlin, where the office is situated. I have made a mapping of the groups, with their genres and their countries mentioned. When a group has members from different  countries , then this is also mentioned. The style form the image shows the roughness of touring and the DIY principles that comes with this type of music, the guitar is used because Sara Bjørklund agency  have only guitar based groups.
// Esma Achkroune___ACID RAIN. In the early eighties the forests in Northern Europe were in bad shape. This was due to acid rain. The EU was already working together on environmental policies, but the policy for air pollution was not coming together very easily. The damage to the forests made the German Government take a much more active position in getting the EU to work together to come up with a solution in order to reduce the damage of acid rain. >
In my project I’ve made 2 images, The first image is Europe being over flown with the formula of the chemical reaction that produces acid rain. The EU is in the background, dark, quiet and inconspicuous, and is letting it all happen. In the second image the EU has put it’s power to use, cooperates and pushes the acid rain away from Europe, and creates clean fresh air. //
// Susanne van den Heuvel___BOUNDLESS LOVE. I've searched for European corporations amongst my friends and relatives, what I found out was that a number of friends have (had) a relationship with a foreign European. I have depicted that in maps in which the borders are made up with 'I love you' in the two different  languages. The harts represent the places where they live. //
// Susanne van den Heuvel___BOUNDLESS LOVE.
// Susanne van den Heuvel___BOUNDLESS LOVE.
// Susanne van den Heuvel___BOUNDLESS LOVE.
// Susanne van den Heuvel___BOUNDLESS LOVE.