pincponc 03 Netherlands

Academie voor Kunst en Vormgeving St. Joost, Breda, Holland

// Annette Heij___Poldermodel
Concept: What I find quite striking and typical of the nature of the Dutch is that we always tend to solve a problem by talking. The most evident example I think is the political structure that we call : 'poldermodel'. In this model government, labour-union and employer have a proportional share in the decision-making.
// Bram Jenneskens
Concept: The elements that I would like to show in the redesign are freedom, multicultural and progressive.
// Cindy van Esch___Care state
The logo represents the Dutch care state. Hereby are the typical motherly arms pictured. The stamp shows typical Dutch handmotions in the national colors.
// Boyd Coonen
// David Paans___The talking country
In the Netherlands everybody has a opinion about everything. In Dutch politics it takes ages to make decisions, because everything has to be discussed. The different colors ofblue represents the individuals or groups, they are talking and discussing with each other. The blue also represents the water because it is a part of our  “Polder” landscape and also our politic system the so called  “polder model”. The orange crown represents the monarchy state, orange is the color from our royal family.
// Guus Gijben___Nederlaag
The idea is based on the landscape of the Netherlands. From above the land looks like one big patchwork, it is all reconstructed so that the farmers could use the less land as optimal as possible. I used the idea of reconstruction and artifal surfaces as my starting point. From there I started some experiments with some 3 dimensional sculptures based on the the letters N and L thats the countrycode for the Netherlands.           The title Nederlaag is based on a word joke in Dutch. Neder means low and Laag as well and when you put those words together it also looks like the word nederland that means low land.
// Janneke Boink___The Netherlands
The Netherlands is full. Full with humans, buildings, animals, cars and other things. Beside all these elements, we'd like have some nature left for ourselves. About everything in the Netherlands is measured out. I visualized this in a Tetris-like game, in which all these elements are measured and fit in each other.
// Jessica Benschot___Dutch identity
Logo___Holland is famous for its ‘Delfst Blauw”. Translated: Bleu from Delft (it’s a place in Holland). It is white porcelain, with blue decorations. You can find tiles, cups, thee-sets, vases etc. in Delfts Blue. My theme for the dutch identity was the multicultural society. My idea was to put those two themes together. So in stead of Delfts ‘Blue’ I designed a Dutch logo in Delfts ’Black’, referring to the multicultural society. I used  foreign signs to symbolise the different cultures. The two lions holding the tile are a symbol for Holland, supporting the many different nationalities in Holland. Stamp___This is the stamp I designed for Holland. It’s the shape of our country but you can also find the shape of a moslima figure in it. She’s wearing a burka.
// Laurens Prins___Identity of Netherlands
LOGO — The design of the logo is based on four symbols, which are as fallowing: Tolerance, Dialog, Live together and Hope. These are summaries associated with the symbolism of the Netherlands. The four symbols are present in the visualised logotype.
STAMP — The design of the stamp is based on dutch society. The three imaged people display the entire dutch population. They stand behind there country.
// Nadine Roestenburg___THE NETHERLANDS
We, Dutch live in a free land.We also have a lot of choices, (sometimes even an overflow).In everyway, everyone is free at thinking and acting; education, study, religion, drinking, drugs, euthanasia, abortion... to mention just a few things.When I think of myself in The Netherlands and compare with other places in Europe or even the rest of the World, I’m glad with al the opportunities and freedom to make choices.
This is exactly what I want to express with the logo. The initial concept is freedom in The Netherlands. In The Netherlands you chooce your own way, make your own choices in the kingdom and the society.- Why the slogan is not in Dutch? Because I wanted to keep something alive of the ‘old’ logo.
// Noortje van Eekelen___Dutch top sport proud
For the project I did an expanded research to the proud of Dutch people about there country. The results were surprised. With the data I specialised to one subject. I studied to the Dutch best-performed sports and I chosen four for the logo. The new logo is a combination of a medal and a mill. For the stamp I used the sails of the wing again, but in another way. I tried to visualize “the progress of top sports” the Dutch people see in there country. But especially that we want to perform like this way.
// Peter Westerlaken___straight lined thinking
Concept: everything in Holland is build in straight lines, if you would fly over the landscape with a helicopter, all you would see is endless straight lines of the structure of our transport and agriculture-, also this represents exactly the way of thinking that Dutch people do; straight lined…
// Susanne van den Heuvel___Give them your opinion
A lot of Dutch people overestimate theirselves and their country. I've exaggerated that in this logo by letting people place their own head underneath the crown and let them write their opinion in the logo about how Holland is doing or what they would like to see improved. The stamp is based on the Dutch order, an honour you can get from the queen itself for exeptional merits.
// Thomas Rameckers
After a long time of research about the knowledge of Holland I took a look at myself about what J wanted to tell you about the image of the Netherlands. Eventually I found out that Holland is a difficult country when you look at precautions of landscaping we’ all have to consider the consequences for the future. We all have to prepare for the worst_ the environment and nature. i believe that we have to take care of our land and chemise it. In the image that I create J want to show you a conspiracy of water and land. The lines combine land and water and back wise. I used a pictogram book about farm-art and human/land-art. Art from land and farmers connected with heaven and earth and connect with, composing nature. Conclusion: The independence of the earth weather and wind, the sun and rain, the wellness of people and animals the good and the bad evils the way of living.
// Vera Verberne___logo Netherlands; water
A land won from the sea. An extensive range of dykes and dunes are protecting the Netherlands from flooding. Because about half of its surface is less than 1 metre above sea level, and much of it is actually below sea level. Numerous pumping stations keep the ground water in check. Also a substantial part of the Netherlands have been reclaimed from the sea. This led to the Dutch saying: “God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands”. What you see in this logo is the ‘Dutch lion’ protecting the land from the water. The lion represents the innovative ideas and inventions about the water in and around the Netherlands.
// Zerahja Kartono___Open window
Concept: The open window is a typical Dutch image that reflects the Netherlands as a small and down to earth country. At the same time it represents the open-mindedness and openness.