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Elisabeth Kessler & Anne K. Zilles___The murder of a buttercup
Actual empathy in the problems of the Third World cannot emerge due to our consumption and fun oriented world experience. Our collages deal with
the big distance between these two worlds. What seems superficial as a normally shallow happy picture leads about integrated details to people who are victims of catastrophes, war or hunger.
By the arising irritation these problems appear no longer far away but near and immediate. Excerpts of the grotesque expressionist narration »the murder of a buttercup« by Alfred Döblin written in the year 1912 form a meta-level to this issue and connect the single collages to one unity.

Asja Bek___Coffee and tea drinkers
In the following article I am dealing with the distinct coffee- and tea culture. At the first glance it seems banal to divide coffee- and tea drinkers into two groups but if you really think about it, you can already see differences among the people in the morning when they have their choice of drink.
I have already noticed different groups of coffee or tea gourmets within my circle of friends and especially during my one-year-exchange in Italy. Everyone has its own idea and habit in the preparation of its favourite drink, drinking it at a particular time of day and often its connected with a ceremony.
Additional they have a cigarette or sweets with it. I made a questionaire among my acquaintances, asking them what kind of drink they prefer and why and when and how they prefer to drink it. In particular I was interested in the qualities of the respective groups of coffee and tea drinkers and what kind of cliché exist between them.
To make a better distinction between the single cultures of drinking, I asked my friends and people of different nationalities. On the last seven pages you can find the photos of coffeeand tea drinkers compared to each other.

Diem-Tri Thi Vu___German children in Germany.
Today it is not easy to answer the question if there is a characteristic German appearance. Children with a German nationality can be children with Turkish parents. They are Germans because they were born in Germany and live here with their family.
There can be a separation between children with German parents and children with foreign parents. But the separation of these two groups in my opinion occurs after the basic school, when children learned reading, pay more attention to their environment and, for example, understand special matters in the daily news. They become influenced by their society.
Until kindergarten, children seem to be innocent and unbiased. These qualities allow them to be free and without prejudices confronting other children. There are no differences between Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese and German children among them, because they don’t know them. Boys and girls in the kindergarten have got the same ideas of pirates and princesses, families and homes.
In children’s sketchers there are no differences between German and foreign influenced children. This community of the two groups in the adulthood is only reflected by their passport, which looks almost the same among all Germans.

Jan Hartwig___1979
„1979“ ist nicht nur der Titel von einem der besten Lieder von den Smashing Pumpkins, sondern es ist gleichzeitig das Geburtsjahr von meiner Schwester und mir. Das Jahr, in dem aus einer zweier Gemeinschaft, welche bis dato nur aus meinen Eltern bestand, eine richtige Familie wurde. Aus „DIE“ (meinen Eltern), wurde „WIR“ (Eltern + Kinder).
Die 70er Jahre war auch das Jahrzehnt der Super 8 Filme und auch mein Vater hatte eine solche Kamera von der er in der Zeit auch ausgiebig Gebrauch machte. Deswegen existiert ein Film, der genau in dieser bestimmten Zeit des Umbruchs entstanden ist.
Meine Arbeit dokumentiert diesen Film und ergänzt ihn um Notizen von wichtigen Ereignissen, welche sich in diesem Jahr zugetragen haben. So werden Geburts- und Sterbedaten von bekannten Persönlichkeiten, weltpolitische Geschehnisse, Katastrophen, sowie auch wichtige kulturelle und sportliche Themen von 1979, den sehr persönlichen und privaten Bildern aus unserer kleinen Familie entgegengestellt.
So ist eine Arbeit entstanden, welche das Lebensgefühl von 1979 und natürlich das Leben von unserer Familie zu der Zeit (beides ein Abschnitt des Umbruchs) wiederspiegelt und erahnen lässt.

Megumi Watanabe___Sitting on the chair and sitting on the floor
My idea for the project "Them and us" will illuminate the difference between the western and eastern culture. I looked for a most easiest way, so I decided to show the difference focusing on the local common form of sitting.
By connecting the points on head, shoulder, elbow, nkie and foot, a unique form is maintained for each figure.
The difference between two groups in the form of sitting can be idenfified easily.
Finally some proposals for a new style of sitting which contains western and eastern elements. How the two culture can become closer will be clear now - throgh the form of sitting.

Sonja Wolter & Maren Kluge___Branded
Because of their specific look and character, we tend to associate other people with certain groups. This involves without question an evaluation which can be positive or negative as well.
For this sort of appraisal, assessment or forming of opinion we use the term „to stamp someone“ and in Germany it normally has a rather negative meaning. This obvious fact gave us inspiration enough to create a more positive image for „stamping“.
As a reader you have the chance to get ideas from our examples of use and to „stamp“ yourself in one way or another. So come out of the closet with your typical peculiarities and show them self-confidently to the outside world!
Send us photos of your own applications to We will publish the most curious and fanciest ideas on On the last page of this chapter you will find different character stamps for downloading.