pincponc 03 Finland

University of Art and Design // Helsinki, Finland


Gallery in progress.

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// Jukka Liukkonen___A flag with red dots. Black background. And arms  an emblem with people holding hands. What is this all about? Politics. Let me explain why. / There is a political ideology behind all of this. An ideology where everyone is equal, where everyone contributes to the society, an ideology where everyone is free. The people hold hands of shared responsibility. They are equal. They are different, yet equal.
The dots in the flag are groups of people. They have different opinions. Many different opinions. Freedom, equality and independence. The different ideologies of red, orange and white all lay on the same framework. Black. None is above another. No view is right, no view is wrong  they are all accepted. This is tolerance. / There is a name. The ideology is Anarcho-Syndicalism.