Exhibition in Brussels

From 25th of March to 24th of April the works from Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Portugal ant the USA had been presented to the public in the Land Office of Lower Saxony in the Rue Montoyer.








Exhibition in Hannover

To the 50th Anniversary of the EU pincponc invited design students from three member states to work together on the topic „Successful European cooperations“. At the end of the project the students from Germany, Holland and Poland came together for a creative week in Hanover. Together, we have delved in the subject, have got to know each other better and created jointly graphic collages. The best work has appeared in a 52-page calendar. The former Lower Saxony Minister and todays Federal President Christian Wulff wrote the foreword for it. The coclusion was an exhibition at the gallery Spandau and a reception in the Guesthouse of the Government of Lower Saxony, where the Minister for Science and Culture Lutz Stratmann also recognised the works.